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 About Autotiling/Tilesets and Workspace navigation


Hi there, I'm new to GameMaker but not to engine dev, I tried GM:S 1.4 in the past but it felt clunky at the time, I'm interested in buying a license this time around. I was particularly interested in the autotilling/tilemap features.

I like the way things are setup in the new engine. I have to say though, the way the workspace works with mouse zooming, etc didn't fit well with my 1366x768 laptop.
I tried lowering the DPI and it seems 82-84 range was a good for me(from the default 96).

I suggest you guys enable the arrow keys to translate the view(middle mouse button/alt click equivalent) regardless of what other keys/clicks are doing, at least when "workspace" is selected.

That could help navigate the workspace more, for resolutions with tight spaces like mine. Another solution is to have a mouse click combo that navigates the view only, and leave the middle mouse to navigate what the pointer is pointing to.

I tried the dungeon demo and i like what the current autotilling offers, however i have a suggestion about usability.

There should be a way to, while setting up an autotile, delete a single tile as you set them.
Currently you can only delete the whole setup or overwrite something, not delete a single tile. Deleting a tile entry proper helps with visualization, even though the overlay guide is a great assistant on it's own.
I was thinking selecting a tile and pressing delete would be logical, leaving the delete everything to the 'delete set' button up top.

Also, we should be able to duplicate autotile sets, just in case we want to make small variations of them.
I suggest that should be done by a 'copy' button set in between the 'delete set' and the 'overlay'.

All in all, I'm very excited with GameMaker Studio 2, it looks awesome and feels like a great upgrade.


A couple months ago, I wrote an article for my blog where I explored the tile features of GMS2. You can set up an auto-tile set, using the first cell of animation from an animation set. It works.

It is tedious to set up 47-tile autotile animations, yes, but it is nevertheless a supported feature that is already built in to GMS2.

YYG have stated that they are working on further tile generation shortcuts, that will allow you to create a 47-autotile set using a smaller number of tiles (essentially removing redundancies by mirroring and rotating certain tiles). When this happens, creating 47-tile autotile sets will be considerably less tedious. Hopefully this will work with animation sets as well.