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This was the first app I created in Game Maker and it was published on Google Play.

See the link: .

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The app has more than 50,000 installations and has a 4.3 rating on Google Play.
This is a children's app that helps children learn the alphabet of the Portuguese language of Brazil.
The theme of the game is to pop the bubbles to stimulate language learning.
It has four sessions:

* Vowels: Teach the vowels of the Portuguese language
* Alphabet: Teaches the letters of the alphabet of the Portuguese language.
* Beabá: Combinations of vowels and consonants that form a syllable
* Simple Syllables: Combinations of syllables to form words.

Designed for children up to 2 years.
With small changes the design can be perfectly adapted to any other language.
The project was structured to be used on Android / IOS platforms on tablets or smartphones.

I am selling the project to be edited in the best way that you wish. However, if you want to use the assets contained in the project commercially, you will need to purchase the following resources:

* (Family of Funny Fish)
* (Dolphin and Shark)
* (Family of Funny Birds)
* (Seashore and Ocean)
* (Cartoon seascape)
* with Treasure and Galleon.)
* (Happy Marine Family Under the Sea.)
* (3D Colorful Alphabet)
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