Released [Abandoned] Very basic Quake 3 BSP loading & rendering example

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    Jun 29, 2016
    Quake 3 BSP loading & rendering

    GitHub repo link :

    So, back in 2017, I somehow decided to create a BSP loader.
    After few days of pain and agony, I managed to wrangle up some very basic loader... and then I forgot about it.

    But today, As I found this thing all dusty and forgotten,
    I thought this bad boy needs to see the light before it gets totally abandoned.
    So I polished a little and decided to Share with you, Folks.
    (Who knows? This might be come in handy and could be some good starting point on writing the map Loader.)

    So here it is, The very Minimal (AKA too-lazy-to-finish-it) Quake 3 BSP loader.


    --=[Things implemented]=--
    "Leaf" culling using visibility data from the map
    6DOF(...kinda) 3D camera with Quake-like side tilt thing (You can backflip! ...sorta)

    Basic loader :
    Loading basic level geometry, leaves, lightmap and more.

    Basic(?) renderer :
    Able to render the "leaves" that is visible only
    (The renderer can still be optimized; As I didn't knew much about the Vertex buffers and used some inefficient method.)

    --=[Things NOT included]=--
    BEZIER PATCH (my urban weakness) - If you see some "holes" in the level, That's probably the Bezier patch model that's not loaded and rendering.

    Textures & Entities - My intent on writing this was to Learn about the BSP's level structure, So I didn't wrote them, Apparently.

    Many other things - As this boy's really Abandoned.

    Also there's "playable" .EXE file conveniently compiled in the GitHub's repo, Feel free to Take a gander at it!
    (It contains BrĂ¼tal metal music and Some handsome & evil guy's voice; Be careful with the volume!)




    GitHub repo link :
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