GMS 2.3+ A way to cut down sprite size in Animations and cutscenes

Long story short i got an animation from a video, took the video and made it in frames. 412 frames to be exact. In my folder as i have saved it its size is small i don't really remember exactly but in my sprites folder its 600 MB!! And there is a second folder called layout inside, both fo which are 299 mb really slows down the game and compile-time when i clean it. I'm assuming this is the cause on some older devices i got that it runs slow. the game is made for android.

so well how do you handle situations like this? is there a better way to make a cutscene? size related

to my understanding sequences are for sprite animation right? the cutscene im using now is a full screen 13-second clip made into frames ,played and paused at the last one. i dont think sequences are gonna help me with that!