A soil oriented Minecraft insipred game.


Hello everybody! I'm Sedgwick2K, a person involved in coding since 2012 (though often within brief periods well before late 2018) and knows/uses Game Maker as a hobby very since then, used versions 6, 8.0 Pro and Studio (as of now) respectively. I have several demos in various development stages, all of them are small, just hobby-type games.

This thread is about one of them, though I'm serious about this one.

I know Minecraft very well since 2013, and I always get excited whenever I play it. As a result, I get very insipred to code something I never did before.

  • This game will be an open world sandbox-ish adventure game, like Minecraft. World generation will be done with random seeds, and the generated world will be large.
  • Unlike Minecraft, which involves underground as an important part, this game will focus on surface; like ground, trees, mountain, farms etc. On-ground caves might find a way to theirself.
  • Crafting will be included, as per nature of the game. It can be like Minecraft, though I can make some modifications to this idea.
  • I'll replace monsters with more "real world" entities (like grasshoppers for example).
  • Player might be upgradeable, like physical strength.
  • Villagers might find a way to theirself, though in a more advanced guise compared to Minecraft.
About graphics, I decided to start with top down two dimension setup. I plan to convert it into first person three dimension in future, but not in those pixelous "voxel" one, I rather use Doom alike "fake 3D" setup. I saw vertex generating in a demo, but I'm not sure about that.

I started to develop this game yesterday, I made a few things:
  • Player (fully depending on keyboard, looking at mouse since then)
  • Trees (player can go through them)
  • Background (single green color)
  • Player can plant and destroy trees
That's all for now. I'll be updating this thread with new updates.

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Today is fourth day of it's development, and currently in a state that it may resemble very very early demos of Minecraft, but in 2D guise.
  • Map was enlarged to 800x600.
  • Can spawn up to 10 trees at start.
  • There are three items that player can plant, selected with number keys 1-3.
  • In-game speed is 60fps.
  • Background is slightly more detailed.
  • A "cross" mouse determines player's direction.
  • Player sprite was changed to "a person with brown hair".



A bit late, but development goes good at a steady pace. Version numbered as 0.0.7a (

I added cows to game in 0.0.5 and now player is not the only living entity in game (aside trees), but you can't spawn any cows.

I also added rocks (4th spawnable item), FPS meter and varying instance size for trees and cows (to give a more realistic environment).
Here is a "building" consisting newly added rocks and woods.