A Sinister Labrat - a labyrinth/platforming hybrid game


Hello guys, I'm back again with another game project after a long hiatus. This time, I'm working on another 3D game with labyrinths as its focus, but with a twist.

I've just newly started the project, using codes from my own small first person 3D demo, and it's technically nothing like my original LabRat demo that I've (sadly) abandoned later. Walls and floors are entirely 3D objects (blocks), I've improved my coding technique during the hiatus, which resulted in improved algorithms for various objects. However, there's still various bugs, especially wall's textures being out of proportion depending on wall's length in either axis' (X and Y). At this moment, there's also no ceilings, just an empty roof, and some objects still have their transparent backgrounds outlining the sprite.

Now, let's back to the twist. I plan this game's levels as chapters and each chapter having a set amount of mazes inside it (e.g. 10). As mazes and chapters progress; mazes will be larger, more advanced and more puzzle-esque, like doors you have to open, platforms you have to jump on, or even move. At the writing time, I've completed one chapter which has ten small mazes in it, some of them having doors to open. Below here is a screenshot from game's first level, which is actually one of easiest maze levels ever.

I'd like to take your feedback and opinions on the idea, like what mechanic could add a fun factor to the game, or even graphicwise (especially how to solve the aforomentioned wall texture bug would be helpful).




I've started Chapter 2 of the game, and it introduces the game's main trick: Platforming!

But don't except anything like Mario or Sonic, at least for now. I made two mazes in Chapter 2 so far and all you do is to jump over holes. I also made player "choose the door to open", open the wrong door and boom, a dead end or a dead end.

Made improvements to graphics as well, base resolution increased to 480p, with going up to 720p with (Fn+)F1 button. Plus I've added a ceiling to mazes, because it looked awkward with an open top (had to increase the height of walls too).



Made another 2 levels of Chapter 2, which raises total numbers of levels to 14. Last two mazes are notably larger and a slightly increased emphasis on platforming. Spiders are also harder to get around, they run faster and check more spots as mazes progress, adding more puzzle/attention elements to the game.

Speaking of spiders, I drew it all by myself, using no external resources. They actually look kinda cool, just I have to overhaul game's rendering somehow. Keys are literally invisible and they don't have any sound to indicate you took them. Oh, and in some instances, I saw spiders go through wall, which I want to reserve it to a special type of monster, which is not ready to be drawn yet.

I don't know how Chapter 2 will end up, but at this moment I plan four chapters, all having 10 mazes, totaling up to 40, with increasingly complex gameplay mechanics and monster placement/behaviour.