Free A short platformer based on readers' pitch from a 1995 magazine: "Возвращение в замок злого колдуна"

Here's a small game I was creating since August. It's based on a picture and description sent by readers to Russian gaming magazine "Великий Дракон" (Great Dragon) in November 1995. You can see this picture below:

In my game I literally tried to bring this level to life.

I didn't want to stray much from the original idea, but soon I understood that making the character unarmed would make it much more challenging. I also made him into a girl, just because I've found a handy spread from an aerobics record.

And that's how this game was born. I can tell much more about the development process, but I think that's enough for the announcement.

You can play it here:

Here's (hopefully) the first article in my "Making of BB33K" series, where I describe the main principles behind the design of the game:
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