Forum Game A sentence that goes in a certain direction, but then I have headphones


If the title hasn't given it off already: do you ever start writing a relatively long sentence or a paragraph and then lose your train of thought in the middle of it... so you decide to write write something random to end it?

M-me too... if yes? I'm sure there's a proper term for this type of comedy, or humour, if you call it that and that there's plenty of it out there on the internet, but frankly, I cannot for the life of me figure out what to search in order to find this. The same issue had occurred to me when I was trying to find the BWAAAH.

Regardless, that is what this thread is for. I'll start this off with a comment I posted in somebody's profile post (edited of course):
...may be you know of a text-based networking tutorial that I'm not aware of? I have an issue I can't fix with the video ones. I prefer video because they can keep me focused better from things like outside sound distractions and because I have rabies. I don't know if you do, but with that in mind, the video tutorials are of a preference for me.

A bit off-topic, I will say... nothing can really beat this:

I rate that 72 followings out of 5 answer... sa...

Ze winner of ze game gets... ba... la trophy... yeah... o_O


So I went to the doctor last month and he said that I can't eat anything that will raise my blood sugar levels. Which sucks because I enjoy a nice bowl of Lucky Charms and there is a dead person in my bed.


eating a sandwithc, a mosquito got an erection. ive seen it! no lie

PS: maybe he thought the printer wuld keep spittin papers until all frames have finished. you just dont get logic.