Graphics A question on sprite density


A really silly question I haven't been able to figure out, if most monitors have a limited pixel height and width, how is it some sprites I see in games appear to have a huge density of pixels. At the moment I limit my game to 800 height and 1000 width, if I used the amount of pixels that 'appear' to be in a standard sprite in a high quality 2d game (say a space shooter for example), i'd probably run into something like 2000+ easy. Do these developers/teams build them at super high width and hight then auto scale for device? or am I missing something fundamental (most likely šŸ˜‚)
What do you mean by high quality? Take a screenshot of a game you're thinking of and open it in an image processor. Multiply how many pixels wide and high the "ship" is together and you'll have your "pixel density" for that image.

Sometimes, games will have multiple resolutions of an asset and pick and choose which asset to display depending on the screen size it's being shown on, or sometimes they take higher resolution images and scale them down, or draw to a higher resolution surface and scale the whole surface down. But I'm not entirely sure what you mean by using 2000+ pixels for an image. 2000 pixels in an image is only a 20x20 image. The ship in my signature is using roughly 9 000 individual pixels, but that works out to roughly a 100x90 image, which is not very big really (for non pixel art games that is, it's relatively large compared to the average pixel art style that gets made).