A Noir First Person Brawler-Shooter


A little collaborative project I've been working on for a while, the aim is to create a first person shooter in GMS2 with a focus on melee combat paired with rare but powerful firearms. Set in a semi-futuristic world styled in 1930s film noir, where gangs rule the streets and a dying breed of hero fights in the name of vigilante justice. The game play has many influences, a bit of Duke 3D, a hint of Bioshock, a little Action DooM, Condemed, the list goes on. The important stuff we're trying to nail is, fast and fluid combat and non-linear levels, accompanied by an interesting setting and characters.


Here's a rough game play video posted by the awesome artist and designer I'm working with:
Give him a follow if you want to see more!

We're hoping to get a public demo out to you guys soon-ish. But any feedback that can be given based on the video would also be awesome!
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I've got instant XIII vibes in a positive sense (I know you are tackling a different art style).
Can't wait to get my hands on your demo.