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Android A new top-down shooter: Supersonic Groove Man



Hi everyone!

After 2 years of learning everyone's favorite game making engine with the help of the wonderful and smart forum people, I present to you my first published game: Supersonic Groove Man!

A top down shooter with a twist: The whole thing came from the idea of a top down shooter where you can't just shoot the enemy and it gets destroyed regardless of where the shot hits, you have to position yourself in a way that enables you to shoot the enemy's weak spot, only then will you be able to destroy it.

Help the DJ known as Supersonic Groove Man create the strongest sound ever by destroying as many sound crystals as possible while avoiding the onslaughts of hazards unleashed by the nearby elderly who wish to preserve their peaceful and boring lives.

Features(as they appear in the Google Play listing):
* A top-down shooter with a simple control scheme specially designed for touch screen based devices
* Strategic game play: consider what crystals you destroy and in what order to maximize your total score!
* Keep that combo going: The more crystals you destroy in a row, the higher your combo gets, the higher your combo is, the more points each crystal is worth!
* Score big, win big: Earn enough points in the allotted time to enter the bonus game for a chance to earn even more points!!

LINK: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.bitDJs.Supersonic_Groove_Man

Hope you guys will give it a chance, if you liked it, tell your friends, that'll teach them who to talk to when they'll look for fun games:)Screenshot_20180325-184518-min.png

P.S:Wanted to include more screenshots, but the others were too big even after compression, so you can view the rest of them on the Google Play store.


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Thank you for your kind words anyway, an IOS version is coming up!