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>>>> MIT Y.exe?dl=0<<<<<<<

This is a game still under major construction however I have made the game playable through 7 levels. I still need to add highscores, pause menu and options on the main menu, Sound and such things however I have got the main mechanics of my game and the main aesthetics.

Its going to eventually work out to be a game about a teen who has lost his friend and has to travel through multiple dimensions in order to find ... him / her, not decided yet.

I was also wondering if I could have a little bit of help with a few things such as;

- An animation at the beggining of the game

- Room transitions

- player speach bubbles

-Unlockable levels

So if anyone is willing to help me with a few things that would be great, hopefully this game is going to be good. And I am going to put so much effort in to make this game a solid platformer that is enjoyable to play.

PS if you could rate it and tell me anything you like and things you dont like... and even things that I could include that would be great. I need peers help, so I can make correct design decisions. :)

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I played it also. You have a pretty good start. I liked the aesthetics, and the movement was fluid and smooth. A few annoyances:

- The bullet I fired would get blocked by the ground I was standing on, even when the entire target line was free of collisions. Try raising the y position of the bullet creation point by like, 8 pixels.
- Sounds will make a big difference in game feel. Try to start incorporating those from the get-go.

I'll play again sometime later. I think Electricdonkey's review covered most of the other stuff I would bother mentioning.

josh jones

My video review -
Thanks man.
And I have just fixed all the bugs that you and a few other users have found. XD. My bad.

And Cloaked Games.. Thankyouu, I did notice it myself but havent got chance to fix yet.
If you could both stick around and you'll be able to see the progression of my game.

Thanks, a lot!!

josh jones

I have just updated it if you want to check out the updates. nothing special, and they will be improved but any more constructive critisism would not go a miss :) I hope you keep following my game as it would be cool if you seen it from early stages being built up to a final finished game :)


Looks cool!

I watched the vid (thanks Donkey) and might be able to give it a run later.

Ideas for an intro animation- maybe you could illustrate what this inter-dimensional travel might look like with some 'warp'/'wormhole' art/effects, or maybe a dreamy memory of the missing friend you mention..
Also some little warp object might be a helpful asset to give the game some 'infastructural' indication (showing how the player appears at the beginning and exits at the end.)