A.I. & persistent objects & time system


In my project, I plan on having persistent objects that are initialized at the start of the game that runs the A.i. of the project. From tracking and calculations for resources, troops, status and more.

Would this be a good approach to this?

If not, what are other ways of achieving this?

I'm also going to have a time system in my project that dictates when things will execute and tracks the current time in game from centiseconds to years+. The player would be able to pause, play and fast-forward the time system. Are there any potential issues I could see facing with a time system like this?

Thank You.


Would this be a good approach to this?
Are there any other ways to execute this?

A separate time object is ideal. Separating in game time from real world time despite the room, location, whatever.
AI control object may be weird thought, but you can still use it as a storage for AI behaviour and each individual AI object can just call to this object to check it's behaviour patterns.

It will work just fine. Go for it.