A "How To" Guide for DND

I'm a Game Maker neophyte and was wondering if there is a "how to" guide for DND. The manual is a great resource, but I am looking for something more along the lines of a resource in which I can search for a particular feature I want to add (i.e. a text box where the player can put in their name) and then get directions/steps on how to do that. I'm open to free and paid options. Thanks in advance.


Forum Staff
There's not really a lot in terms of such resources - at least not for DnD. If you were using GML, that'd be a different story, and I'd direct you towards the Tutorials forum here on the GMC.

In general, highly specific tutorials are best off avoided, as there's always some sort of invisible entry level - some basic concepts you'd need to know about before going into it in order to understand it and not just copy and paste without knowing why and how it works, as not absolutely everything a tutorial encompasses can possibly be covered without boring half the audience to death - and this is why I recommend sticking with the manual and the official tutorials, learning the basics and expanding upon them until you won't even need those highly specific tutorials you're currently looking for anymore.