Mac OSX A faster way to add objects to rooms?


Currently I'm dragging and dropping objects into my room one at a time. I'm assuming that there's a faster way to add objects, since some rooms could have dozens, if not hundreds of instances of an object.

Looking through the GameMaker 2 docs, I found the following:

"You can add more instances to a layer by opening up the resource tree and then dragging objects from there into the room, or alternatively you can select an instance from the resource tree and then press and hold
to preview the resource "in-situ", and if you additionally click the left mouse button
you can add the instance and even "paint" it into the room layer."
But this doesn't seem to apply to Mac OSX users, as holding Alt drags the room view around. Any other suggestions to help speed up my workflow? This is a total noob question, and I thank any in advance who can look past my noobulence.


You can add instances to rooms via code at runtime of course. For example you might drag in large instances like buildings and trees, but have grass randomly placed in the room start event of a controller object.


I'm on Windows myself, but I might ask if you were in laptop mode. If so, make sure you are using the right alt button and not the left alt.
On Mac, you hold down the Ctrl or Option key to get the same effect. I can't remember which one, just try them both out.

Josh Wilson

I'm having the same problem. Command, Option, control, shift, and any combination of those I can think of doesn't allow "painting" of assets. None of the keys affect provide additional options.

I've seen people commenting that "turning off laptop mode" might make a difference, but I don't have an option for that in preferences.