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I'm watching the tutorial "Your first game (DnD)" vids on youtube and I'm up to Part 3.


Around the 4:00 mark, Sean drops the Assign Variable action into the workspace, names it HP and sets the value to 5, then he drags another Assign Variable action and attaches it under the first one. He calls this new one Spd and sets the value to 1.5.

This is reflected In the summary on the left side of the code/workspace window, where there are two lines:
Set HP to 5
Set Spd to 1.5

but it looks different for me when I do it.

When I drop the Assign Variable action onto the workspace, I have a little plus-sign (+) next to the label "Name" in the Assign Variable box, but this plus-sign was not there when Sean did it in the video.

If I click the plus sign, it expands the box which (I think) is allowing a second variable to be named and its' value set. I'm not sure though, since the summary on the left of the code/workspace window only shows the first variable I named, and not the 2nd.

I couldn't find anything in the documentation revealing the significance of the plus-sign and having more than one variable named in a single Assign Variable action box.

Can someone please explain the difference between using the little plus-sign to expand the existing Assign Variable box versus simply dragging an additional Assign Variable action and anchoring under the first one?



Hmm ok. If nobody knows the answer to this, can I get advice on how to get this answered from someone official at yoyo? Do they read the forums here? Do I need to submit this a support request?


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It might take some time for D&D users to get a response here on the forums, since most of the active Q&A participants use GML. Since this is a community-run forum, YYG staff doesn't go about answering and looking into every topic created here.

GMS 2 is being developed constantly and things change from time to time. Allowing assignment of values to multiple variabes using the same action might have been a recent addition, so it looks different from the one in the video for you. If the manual does not address this feature and live code preview does not get updated accordingly, you should file a bug report and let YYG know about it. To file a bug report, go to the Help menu >> Report A Bug or go here: https://account.yoyogames.com/report-bug