a draft of the first chapter of my book.



Hello, i am currently writing a story in a Fantasy world that i am creating, i thought it might be fun to share with you a draft that i wrote this week of the first chapter (or some of it).

this is not totally off topic since i plan to make a short rpg game based on it (eventually).

(oh, and if you feel like you want to/can make a game about this story, contact me.)

  • Name : Marked child : prince and witch hunt.

  • Mockup Cover :

  • Length : long.

  • Summary : Arvin and Cadiviir are two mercenaries from the small Calivernian kingdom in the south, currently doing jobs for gold and silver in the Amerathian empire, one day, the captain of the guard from one of the kingdoms under the Amerathian rule approaches them with a job they can't refuse, to find an escaped prince before his father realizes his disappearance, but things got complicated, and dangerous, when a witch that goes by the name Minerva began tracking down the prince as well.

Click here to read the first part of the draft >>
Click here to read the second part of the draft >>
Click here to read the book's layout >>

comments and reviews and greatly welcome.
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