A conceivable drop down menu with d-pad input




to anyone that reads this, I'm in need of advice/directions.

I'm working on a stealth-styled game and I would mainly like to implement a drop down menu the player can access by holding down on a directional pad (up, down, left or right) to make a row of items stretch and appear visible to the player while the game is paused to either equip, unequip or change an item the player is currently holding by scrolling through the items using a d-pad button.

Also, a kind of "equipment" menu to access that lets you customize your equipment I believe would be helpful too.

So the games that come to mind when highlighting any examples of this are games such as "Mark of the Ninja" and "Metal Gear Solid 5".

As a starting point, I have made two different projectile objects that the player can "shoot" with but no way of switching between them as of yet.

Something small I would prefer to add is making it that so long as your still scrolling in the item selection, the player will remain in the menu, otherwise, a timer will have the player exit out of it after a few seconds.

I had found a few videos online that delve into this kind of thing, but they all seem to focus on either a drag and drop approach or one that emphasizes mouse clicks.

I realize that all this may be a bit tricky to explain to me, so I'd appreciate any step-by-step advice, video links to a tutorial and whatever else you can offer.

Thank you for reading


If you mean the menu in MGSV where each direction of the D-pad has a few options, I suppose you could do it with 5 variables. A variable for each direction on the pad and a fifth to keep track of which direction you've currently got selected. Each directional variable will scroll through the options each time you press the respective D-pad direction.