_Reboot / A-RPG project !


Hello, im starting to make a 2d action rpg, i want to make more of a story driven game. this not my first project, but its the first were i want to take time to polish it.


The game will go around 2 elements, the real world, and the Animabus.

*What i've already made

house compress.png warp compress.gif
The protagonist room, and a menu comming from the computer prototype.

The real menu, and the stats/equipment system, there is no inventory, so when you find a weapon/artefact etc.. you have to figure out what it does (stats menu can help) and make a choice to leave your actual equipment or no.

ezgif.com-resize (1).gif
Here is the special attack that consume Spirit Points (here at melee but it shoot a "sensor" and explode when an enemy is hit), when you take a hit and the normal attack.

dash compress.gif
And the dash for dodging and going faster in big area (there is no stamina the dash reset ~ every second).

*i've start to write the story before making a prototype, so thing might change, i will share my advancement on the game and the story

*What i plane to make
  • Shooting towers with complex bullet pattern (like a shmup but more slow)
  • When you find an item choose between equip or put in 3rd slot
  • Shop and stats amelioration by farming kind of "souls" (no XP and Lvl system)
  • More Items
  • Make NPC and dialog with scripts (and maybe choice depending on the story)
  • Producing assets (i suck at pixel art)
I will post some introduction for the story or a presentation later, i dont want to rush the scenario so i take my time to make a solid story.

Thank you for your attention !

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End of the week-end and i've made some implementation !

A bullet shooter, you can reflect the bullet with an attack.
bullet reflect resize.gif

The base of the souls exchange system, monsters now have a chance to drop souls and you can collect them (sorry for the quality).
souls farming resize.gif

And finally a new monster ! He just goes faster and have more resistance to the knockback.
demon eye resize.gif

I've also made a plan with what i have done and what i have to make to be more efficient in the short time i got to make games.

I'd love to see your feels about this very early form !


Hey !

I've done some work this week.
-removed the bullet reflection (the mechanic doesnt really help and dont feel natural)
-Added Warping
-Light system
-Backgrounds and started to do my tileset
-Item selection box with stats comparaison
-Bug fix: sometimes when an ennemy hits you it get stunned for no reason.



Seems to have Undertale inspiration, especially in the bullet pattern concept, and soul part.

Please add to the game something that makes me go nuts!!! :p


Thank you for your response !

I've got some inspiration from undertale, even nier automata on some point, and all of my childhood RPGs.

I've got 2 transitions one with the square that i like (Overworld <--> Otherworld) and the black one (Overworld <--> Overworld / Otherworld <--> Otherworld).
But they might change, the black one is the just a placeholder and i can rework the square one since i didnt touch it in a long.

I will rework the ui to make it look better with the rest.

Next time i will post a little downloadable version.

Im still working on other otherworld features to see if its go well with the rest. And i've started thinking the overworld and what you can do.


Hello ! I've made some implementations on my game !

Bullet Hell type Bosses are here !

I've work on a new gameplay phase, BH bosses, these bosses are completly seperated from the "classics boss fights".
Later in the game you will unlock new shooting pattern/ability to clean the screen once in a fight/etc..

Im also Working on smoother transitions, Adding new Items/Equipment and The City map.