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Portfolio - Programming [$9.5/h] Experienced Programmer Available for Work (Super Affordable Rate)

Discussion in 'Collaboration' started by Greenwitch, Nov 13, 2019.

  1. Greenwitch

    Greenwitch Member

    Aug 30, 2019

    I'm Greenwitch, I recently went full time on doing freelance programming works.

    I'm an experienced programmer/software engineer with years of experience in general computer-science field.

    Here are some things that I most excel at:
    • Real-time, Online Multiplayer
    The server is written in NodeJS which then gets deployed into a server of your choice. I also offer this specific 'deploying' service as well.​
    • Custom IAP, payments API of your choice, ads, trackers, etc.
    • Other Custom Extensions - just message me with what you need.
    • HTML5
    I can help your HTML5 game to scale seamlessly across all devices. Anyone who has worked with GMS HTML5 knows it's truly a pain in the rear to properly do this. I can also turn your HTML5 app into native Android/iOS/Windows/Mac/Linux. I can do some other things, please just message me with specifically what it is that you need.​
    • Anything JS based.
    • Custom online HTTP based functionalities
    • Online saves, user analytics, login/register, other types of data fetching/stream, etc.
    • Custom server module in PHP
    • Database: MySQL, MongoDB, etc.
    • Server management, security, and deployment
    I can help you deploying your real-time online multiplayer game into a VPS/dedicated server that starts at $5/month no problem by SSH-ing into it, install the required dependencies, prepare and serve your static files, database, wire them together, and make your NodeJS runtime run forever (automation to restart when failing, etc).​

    Basically if you need anything that involves online connectivity with GameMaker Studio 2, chances are, I can work on that too.

    So those are only the things that I specialize in, and things that can help me stand out among the crowd of other programmers looking for works. But on top of that, I also dominate every single aspect GameMaker Studio 2 very well, so if you have any needs on regular game creations that doesn't even fall on those categories like the ones below, feel free to contact me and work with me.

    • Top-down
    • Platformers
    • Shoot 'm Up
    • Side-scroller beat 'm up
    • RPGs and Pseudo-RPGs
    • Advanced inventory/items/stats system
    • Particles - designing and incorporating a robust modular particle system
    • Project and code management
    • Fix your broken project
    • Make a custom game of your idea from zero
    • Teaching service - I can personally teach you GameMaker
    • Consulting service - Maybe you're confused about the technical directions to go with your awesome idea?

    Now here are some of my works..

    *These are subject to changes, since right now I have to quickly scrobble things together to post here.

    So let's talk about my rates.
    Usually the way I do my works is my client just tells me what needs to be done, then I tell them how much it costs and an estimation of how much time it's going to take. The price that we agreed on would never change even if I ended up taking more time than I estimated. That is the most effective way of doing things, you can see where each of your dollar goes vs. just billing you in the end.

    My rate is $9.5 an hour. $9 is what I take home, $0.5 is for Paypal's fees.

    Client: "Hey, can you help me scale my HTML5 game to make it playable across all devices with various resolutions and operating systems? Also while at it, somehow my online saving system doesn't work as intended, can you fix that too?"
    Me: "Sure thing, that will take me 3 hours of work, and I'll deliver it in less than a day."

    *things ended up taking 6+ hours due to friggin' Google or Apple decided to change the way their mobile browsers handle things..*

    Me: "Here's your project. I'll send you the invoice via Paypal to your email, and your total is $28.5 (3 hours * $9.5)."

    So in short, I always charge you the price that we agreed upon, no matter of what happens during the work itself, whether it takes me 1 hour more or 10 hours more than the previously estimated time.

    If you're ever wondering how can my rates be that low considering the federal minimum wage right now is at $7.25, that's because I don't live in none of those countries that pay those amounts of minimum wage. I just googled, and *furiously doing some mad math calculations* our minimum wage here is actually $301.94. That's per month, we don't really have an hourly figure. Programmers are usually paid a bit better at around $400-$500 a month for an entry level position.

    So with $9.5 an hour that I'm offering you with, we're both getting into a great deal here. My little family of 3 can thrive in where I live, and you can get an experienced programmer who knows what he's doing to do your works. Plus, not to mention, I'm fluent in English both in writing and speaking. Yes, I'm available via voice chat as well if that's your preferred way of communication.

    This also gives me an opportunity attract more customers this way, if I set the price higher obviously I would have less customers interested.

    I'm telling you these to explain the reasons why the price is at what it is. Don't be turned down by the price that is seemingly too low for what you're getting!:) Also, I might increase the price in the future when I feel it's needed. For now, I will settle with $9.5/h.

    So if you ask me, if you're one of those folks who live in those high-wages countries, I'd say my price is such a good deal.

    Here's my contact info, please feel free to contact me to ask about anything that you're unsure of.
    Thanks for taking the time to read these, I'm really looking forward to work on your projects.
    Last edited: Dec 6, 2019 at 8:47 PM
  2. Meteo Xavier

    Meteo Xavier Member

    Oct 29, 2019
    If you have a website or something I can bookmark, I'd like to consider you for future work. I'm not building a game now, but I am building a rolodex of people I can pay (yes, pay, not rev-share) for help when I do start to build one.
  3. Greenwitch

    Greenwitch Member

    Aug 30, 2019
    You can bookmark this thread, or you can directly save my contact information instead, as my website other than currently being remade, only shows my portfolio of my works and well... my contact info. Soon I'll post my website here in this thread, regardless.
  4. mikix

    mikix Member

    May 2, 2017
    Bookmarked for extensive network knowledge.
  5. Sk8dududu

    Sk8dududu Member

    Aug 14, 2017
  6. Greenwitch

    Greenwitch Member

    Aug 30, 2019
    Thank you, appreciate it! :cool:

    I have received your PM. :)
    Sk8dududu likes this.
  7. Greenwitch

    Greenwitch Member

    Aug 30, 2019
    Bumping. Currently working for 3 clients, 1 is almost finished and 2 is on hold. I'm looking for more works, and I will be available in about 20 hours after I posted this.
  8. Catastrophe

    Catastrophe Member

    Sep 22, 2019
    Heya, sending you a PM in a moment.

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