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Portfolio - Audio $8/sound

Just realised that I should post here my works time to time :D

Let's start with a recent one that I do really like. The sound design and music made by me for the upcoming "Lovecraft Quest":

P.S.: The game is going to be released in November 2018 and I totally recommend you to check it on Steam!
And how about some sports? ;)
My sound-design and music for the level of great action game for Android. Coming soon!

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I cannot recommend Maxim enough. His work is fantastic quality and the price is a steal. His response time is fast and turn arround time is even faster. Thank you for your work and I look forward to purchasing a lot more sound effects soon :)
Sorry, guys. The discount is over. Back to $8 per sound effect.

But no worries: I'll keep posting my works here :)

Sound for the promo of "Poker City":


Played some of your vids. Very nice sound effects work. I must admit, I was dubious as to what I was going to hear, but these are very top notch!

Bookmarked you just in case, down the track. :)