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Job Offer - Programmer [8-18$h] [FOR HIRE] Programmer 5 years of exp

Hey. Im an experienced programmer, can work with you for some money.
Price varies from 8 to 18 dollars per hour (depends on how im interested in your project).
Looking for some good and interesting projects! Consider leaving me a message! )))
Looking for experience...

My Works:
- GitHub
- GameJolt

- Discord: banebyte#2673
- GMail: banebyte@gmail.com

Experienced in:
- Game Maker 8.1 / Studio 1.4 (5 years) -> Games...
- C/C++ -> Tools (OpenGL, DLLs, WinAPI)
- C# -> Also tools using .NET (Level editors, other editors that your game may need)

Can make (In GameMaker):
- 3D Games
- Working with data
- GLSL shaders
- Any kind of a game (shooter, RPG, fighting, gambling...)

Can NOT:
- Multiplayer games

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