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Question - IDE -


@Nocturne Move to a more appropriate forum?

First off you posted in the off topic forum which means not many persons will see it here. Not to mention your title is vague. It might be better to have said something closer to "Having trouble with gm files". It's easier for people with that knowledge to answer quicker. Unfortunately, were not all geniuses. Though I won't argue some of them are fairly close.

It's possible your having internet issues. Someone else had problems with the same thing not to long ago.
Try shutting off your internet from your computer. NOT the router. Then start up GM again.

Which version(s) were you using. Because if you were using the beta it will save, or should save in a different location. This means your GMS2 files are also in a separate location. Make sure your using the correct GM Studio and trying to load the correct GM Studio files.

Just so your aware. GMS 2.3 just being released has change formats. This means if you havn't already, when you find your files you will need to save them into a new "file" then GM will automatically convert them.

Other then that might need more info.