64 Bit percentage


Say if your app store listing does not support the 64 bit structure, i.e only has the 32 bit support, will users who have a 64 bit device be able to download your app?


If your app is 32-bit compatible, then it should run just fine on a 64 bit structure. Worst case scenario, they have to run in Compatability Mode (for Windows).


Unless you are targeting Windows or HTML5, anyone not living under a rock would expect an answer of "no" or "will soon be no".

As Apple warned users with iOS 10.3, iOS 11 officially drops support for 32-bit applications. Any 32-bit app will refuse to launch and instead show an alert pressuring the developer to release a 64-bit update. Older iPhones and iPads with 32-bit CPUs cannot update to iOS 11 at all.

Apple has also started the transition for macOS to drop 32-bit support. It will require new apps and updates submitted to the Mac App Store to support 64-bit apps in 2018
Starting August 1, 2021:
  • Google Play will stop serving apps without 64-bit versions on 64-bit capable devices, meaning they will no longer be available in the Play Store on those devices.