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Hi community!

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63 Little Pieces
is an atmospheric block sliding puzzle game with a shooting mechanic, to destroy walls, in order to build a path to lead one or several blocks to the goal. Slide, fire, destroy blocks, collect collectibles, hit switches and manage the other blocks movements. Will you be able to piece it back together?

The final game will consist of 60 or so levels. Each level contains 3 distinct puzzle challenges:
Collect the collectible; reach the goal in as less moves and less destruction as possible.

Originally created in 48 hours for Ludum Dare 41 in 2018, as a mix between Puzzle and Shoot'em Up mechanics.
Things moved nicely but, gameplay wise, there was little to no puzzle action at all. It was only after the jam I put real thought into the project and have been working on it ever since.

With real thought put into the puzzles, I started tinkering around with what I had and started to making conclusions on how the game should proceed from that point. I didn't want to have an one and done puzzle solving mechanic nor a 3 star rating system. With that said, each puzzle is now build upon 3 distinctive objectives: Collect the collectible, reach the goal with as less moves as possible and reach the goal with as less destruction as possible. Some levels can even be finished without achieving any of those objectives.

From Ludum Dare 41 to Now (Early Access):
  • From the 13 unpolished presented levels there are now 18 puzzles with 3 challenges each, awaiting your cunning eye.
  • Graphics were upgraded (still work in progress) from the still included pixelated black & white sprites (so if you're into that 1 bit sort of retro visual thing - it's still there) to a coloured 2.5 or 2D top down view.
  • Although repetitive, the silent background is now filled with one music track.
  • Narrative is still in "draft mode"; it is fully implemented but not presented to the player yet.
  • The project now includes XBOX 360 controller support.
  • Many bugs and half baked mechanics fixed (since it was a prototype).
Right now my main focus is on building the levels.

Early Access applies to Windows and OUYA, if you still have one it can be sideloaded and played there.

I you find a bug or something malfunctioning feel free to mention it in the comments bellow, Thanks!
More updates coming soon... I'll be back!

Stay inside, stay safe, and have fun!


I’ve thought it was just another slider. But the shooting of blocks is different than I’ve seen. Cool.


Hi Guys and Gals!

Version 0.40 is out! So what's new you ask!?!

The biggest update is levels... This new build adds 9 more levels with 3 challenges each, making for a total of 27 new puzzles.

These new levels focus on opposite forces, with red blocks doing whatever is the contrary to your movement. There are also portals, which teleport you from one point to another, some times reaching a portal can be a challenge in itself.

Sound Effects lost their references and where replaced by Windows dings during this screen capture :)

Another note worthy update is the addition of an Options Menu which allows control over Music and Sfx Volume, Screen Shake toggle, Language supporting: English and Portuguese (PT), and Erasing Data. The additions of these controls required quite a few changes in the code and its structure mostly because this section supports many features so it was better re-structure to easily handle any translations and music / sound volumes by, instead of all over the place, having everything in 1 or 2 objects.

Other Updates Include:

  • Added Lighting Effects;
  • Graphical update and implementation of high resolution placeholders: switches, "gravity" arrows, platforms, goals, portals and effects;
  • The main game's font Pixel ^2 has also been updated and is also available for purchase, this font will replace most of the games text but for now this change is only visible on the moves and block counter dialog during gameplay;
  • Added Mouse Controls on Main Menu and in-game to allow switching through art styles / perspective;
  • OUYA Controller central button now mapped as start / pause button;
  • Text dialogs no longer repeating themselves when retrying a level;
  • Although not visible, this update also implements a few gameplay mechanics for levels to come.
    • You'll just have to take my word for it :)

Bugs Fixed:
  • Blocks excess speed;
  • Getting trap between "gravity" arrows, now resets level (Level 16);
  • Controller Bug fixes on Windows and OUYA;
  • Negative level numbers on the level selection menu;

Stay tuned, safe and have fun!

Samuel Venable

Time Killer
How do you install stuff on the ouya now that the discover menu is offline? I deleted the file manager app a while back and now the device seems pretty useless but I held onto it hoping there would be a way around that.


How do you install stuff on the ouya now that the discover menu is offline? I deleted the file manager app a while back and now the device seems pretty useless but I held onto it hoping there would be a way around that.
You can sideload via PC and adb install.

Or you can switch to the community run server and they have a store with apps on it, including games made in the recent OUYA game jams.



Hi, guys and gals!

New version available for Windows & OUYA. Go grab your prefered version... or both!

Sorry OUYA fans for the delay, it just wasn't working :)

(I think an image here would be nice ... let me go get something ...)

This past few months I have been working of strengthening the game's concept, implementing the most important mechanics, reforcing the game's shell, narrative and script.

Something that earlier lead into this: 63 Little Pieces - a Playstation Talents finalists with submitted Version 0.41 updates - Devlog on

I want to make this has deep, dense and immersive as I can, with the time i got. Everything is under fulltime scrutiny.
In the process I can't make everything at once (since I work mostly solo), so I work on what bothers me most from the current build but keep moving towards the overall goal.

Version 0.42 updates:
Visible changes:

  • Title Screen
    • Background change associated with player progress;
    • Options are now displayed diferently;
    • Extra levels Menu has been removed (not being anything there, for now);
  • Options Menu - Background change associated with player progress;

  • Hub menu
    • Background change associated with the chapter displayed;
    • Added score goals necessary to obtaining the achievements;
  • Pause Menu - Added score goals necessary to obtaining the achievements;
  • Level Design - Revisited levels 2, 3, 5, 7, 8, 9;
  • Changed level 5 cleanest path;
  • Changed critical paths in level 9;
  • Chapter 2 - New background art;

  • Plot - Script is more dense then before - it has been fully written, may receive more updates upon feedback;
  • Cutscenes - Art update associated with the world the cutscene is for;
  • Controller Support - Support system has been updated and, aside XBOX, Playstation controllers are also supported;
  • Bugs - Fixed objects depths;
  • Art - Several minor updates;

Other Changes not visible:
  • Main Campaign - Mechanics for Chapter 4, 5, 6 are ready for level design;
  • Special Levels
    • Art styles changes are now supported;
    • Different challenges implemented;
  • Hub Menu - Updates made in the last chapter;
  • Added more cheat codes for testing purposes;
  • Added code to take screenshots;

Yours truly ;)

Stay safe and have fun!

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Hi, guys and gals!

63 Little Pieces is now featured on GDWC's Weekly Fan Favorite Vote.

What is GDWC?
The Game Development World Championship is an annual competition for Game developers, game development students, game development hobbyists, and anyone interested in game development to join in.

If you would like to support 63 Little Pieces you may do so by following the link below.
No registration is needed, just hit that *Vote! button. Your support means a lot to me.

Game Development World Championship 2021 GDWC 2021

Thanks very much!

Stay safe and have fun!

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Hello Game Maker Community!

63 Little Pieces has come in 2nd place on round 21 and is now featured among on GDWC last week's Top 3.

Thank so much to eveyone who has taken the time to vote on this or any other entry.

Now, back to work! These tricky upcoming puzzle won't be making themselves alone.

Stay safe and have fun!

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