Windows 6210 B. C.

Phil Strahl

So this I participated in the Ludum Dare and got something halfway interesting out of it: 6210 B.C. It's a top-down exploration game where your task is to gather resources to help your village advance.

Here's the link to its Ludum Dare page with Windows .exe and the source GameMaker project. The code is pretty solid regarding the circumstances of constant time pressure, just towards the end, it got a bit hacky.

  • WASD or arrow keys to move around
  • SPACE or E to interact
  • ESC to quit
  • P to Pause

How to Play
Without the proper tech you can't fell trees or mine piles of stone, you have to collect loose twigs and pebbles first and deliver them to your village.

Should you get lost, there's an arrow above your character's head that's always pointing to your village.

Walk up to a resource and hold down the interact button (E or SPACE). When you gathered enough, head back to your village to deposit your materials. If you collected enough stuff, you'll unlock a new technology.

If you've made it to tech level 2: CONGLATURATION !!! You've seen all there is to the game. Please don't try to gather for the tech-level after reaching level 2, because there is no new content waiting for you, just endless grinding and a crash upon reaching level 4. Don't do it.

I am pretty happy with the graphics and the overall style and maybe there's some future for this game since I had a whole bunch of ideas that wouldn't make it in the game, such as fighting against other clans and upgrading your weapons. If you spend too long on gathering than on upgrading the tech, the other tribes would suddenly have more advanced weapons than you, for example. Players would have had to balance fighting and gathering and what resources they spend for which domain.

Anyways, I hope you enjoy it despite the clunky UI and lack of sound.


As I wrote in the description, there was a lot more planned, such as also advancing your weapon technology and having other tribes with different tech levels on the map you could battle for resources and artifacts.

I'm happy to get some feedback on how you think it plays, and if you have any ideas for mechanics and stuff, please share. I have never played Don't Starve, but I have repeatedly been told that my game shares many similarities with it, which is flattering, yet I want 6210 B.C. to have its own character instead.

(Windows .exe / 5mb)


The game looks good so far, even though I felt asleep a couple times :p, but I ended up getting the hammer. I'm amusing that's all that there is to this demo at the moment. I like the ideas you have for the project this is a really good starting point, if some of your others ideas were implemented I'm sure this would be pretty fun.