Forum Game [5/7] The People's Mafia - Town Victory


The Village Idiot
Mercerenies has said I can run the game, so here goes.

Send me a PM containing 3 roles or more.
I will corrupt the roles you make, making them worthless.
Then the game will begin.


The forum's immigrant
I actually used my vigilante shot during night on Fel btw, I didnt knew someone else got a shot role and used it as well. Anyway it was great.


I have role PMs from Shawn, Roy, and Rouge, and nobody has explicitly signed up in this topic. I take that to mean that only three people are interested in Round 4 so far. Please either shoot me a PM or sign up here if you want to play again.

Player List
* roytheshort
* Shawn Basnett
* rougebare