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Forum Game [5/7] The People's Mafia - Town Victory


Let's start up some more forum games here again. There haven't been enough of them lately.

Those of you who were on the previous GMC will remember The People's Mafia. For those of you who don't, I shall explain.

The People's Mafia

For those of you who have never played mafia, you can read the GMC mafia rules which were written a long time ago by I don't even remember who: Basic Rules

Now, what makes this game interesting. When you sign up in this topic, you will also send me a private message. This message should contain made up roles that you would like me to include in the game. I will not add any roles to the game; I'll only use the ones that you all submit.

Things to note:
  • I ask that everyone submit at least three roles, so that we have good variety. But if you're feeling creative, I strongly encourage you to submit more.
  • Be creative. Normal mafia games have "cops" and "doctors". So feel free to submit the "super double cop doctor" and see what happens.
  • Do not create any roles that conceal or mislead deaths or death flips. When a character dies, their role will be revealed truthfully and completely. Also, death is permanent; do not make reviving roles.
  • To the best of my ability, I will try to use at least one role from each player, so you won't be completely left out. As such, you will probably end up with two or three roles when the game starts.
  • Feel free to reserve a spot now and submit your roles later. As long as you get the roles in before the game starts, that's fine.

Accepting players now!

Player List: (players with a star next to their name have submitted at least three roles)
- Shawn Basnett*
- Roytheshort*
- Misu*
- Lukasmah*
- Darzoz*
- Rougebare*
- Bingdom*
- Cantavanda*
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Don't worry, Misu. This is a very unbalanced version of mafia. Nobody is good at it.

Thanks for joining, Lukas! I look forward to seeing both of your respective submissions.


Thanks for joining, Darzoz!

With five players, I'm going to tentatively set the start date at Monday, February 20th. Everyone will need to have their roles submitted by then. Until Monday, I still encourage players to join. The more, the merrier, especially with this kind of game.


It would be great if we had three more players because I think this might be over really quickly if we start out with the current number.


Lets see if i can dig up a few of those roles i had in reserve...
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The Village Idiot
The two aren't mutually exclusive.
Who could win a contest while being a complete disaster? I mean, that never happens in real life. I mean, there's votes here. That prevents the two ever being combined. I have not seen one example of chaos happening because people voted for it, it's just stupid to even suggest.


Even if everyone plays to win, the results are usually chaotic due to all the roles in the game, thus you can try playing to win, but the game itself can be a complete chaotic mess. That is what i meant.


The game is (almost) beginning

You all should be getting your role PMs right now. There are a few players who need to make some pre-game decisions regarding their roles, so I'll give them a bit of time to do so before Day 1 starts. A few notes in the meantime though.
* The town is fairly powerful in this game, so to offset this each member of the mafia has been given a one-shot bulletproof vest. This vest is not lynchproof, however.
* If an action says to "publicly declare" it, that means post in this topic saying you're going to do it. If it says "privately", that means private message me.
* Please put any actions (role effects, votes, etc) in bold. That makes it way easier to identify what you're doing.
* Standard win conditions apply. Town wins if the mafia is all gone. Mafia wins if at least half of the players are mafia. Any third party conditions are specified in the role PMs.
* Voting works like in any mafia game. However, as there are some roles that tamper with votes, there might be some question. If you think I miscounted votes, feel free to say so. I'll check my math again, and if what I posted is correct, I'll say so, even if it might not match what you expect due to some hidden effect.

E: It's been brought to my attention that some of the formatting was messed up in the role PMs. Please double check your PM. If some of the roles are in parentheses, you do not have that role to start with; it might be earned by doing something with one of your other roles.
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Day 1 - The Revolution Begins

Nine villagers belong to a club that meets every Monday night. However, it seems that something horrible has happened to Steve! His body was found last night in the sewers, shot in the head, leaving the remaining eight members blaming one another for the murder.

Steve has died.
Steve was town-aligned. His roles were:
* Generic NPC - You only exist for the purposes of jumpstarting the story. You will die before the game starts, and there is nothing you can do to stop this.
There are 8 players alive. It takes 5 votes to lynch.
Day 1 will end on Monday, Feb 27.

Day 1 begin.


I can't say I'm overly fond of Random Vote Starts, but it IS a tool in the toolbox that has been flung (into Darzoz).

My main gripe with Random Vote starts is we only have the user of the tool's word for it that it is random, but in either case it usually does get discussion started, which is the town's only real way to rout out the scum, so I suppose I can't complain TOO much.