GMS 2.3+ 3SeqsD - One Sequence. 360° Rotation


Welcome to 3seqsD! With this system, you can easily create animations natively in Game Maker Studio 2.3 Sequence editor and convert them into full 360° 2.5d Models! Insanely simple to implement and easy to use!
Just what I needed!

This will save me countless hours.
- Billy D
Simply amazing

I would give this system 6 stars if I could. It’s well organized and documented, extremely powerful and useful. The amount of time you could save using this asset would make it worth much more than it’s cost.
- Anonymous
this is a gift from the gods

It's just incredible! Thank you great man!
- Anonymous

All you have to do is:
- Add objects to a sequence and move them around
- Create an armature using armature_create
- Add "bones" (those moving objects) to the armature using armature_add_bones
- Bind the armature using armature_bind
- And finally, update the armature in the step event using armature_update

Included in this asset are the essential scripts needed to make the system work, full documentation, and an example project!
I hope you enjoy it and I would love to see what you create with it!!!

Screen2.jpgScreen Shot.jpgScreen3_smaller.jpg

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v1.0.0 - Currently, there seems to be a bug where animations will "pop" up and down when changing between them when you import the example folder I am addressing this bug now. In the meantime, if you re-import it sometimes it does it and sometimes it doesn't...I have no clue why but I'm going to try and see if I can fix it internally. It might be an issue with Game Maker's sequence importation but not sure.

V. 1.0.3 - Changelog & Bug fixes

V. 1.0.3 - Changelog & Bug fixes

- [FIXED] - The "Bounce" glitch. Now regardless of GM having sequence importing issues it will work fine. I have it set to a wait timer so when animations change it waits 1 frame and then updates the animation.
- [FIXED] - When creating animations at first they would "Grow" to the correct positions. This was also fixed with a wait frame. Now animations appear at the correct coordinates 1 frame after they are created.
- [ADDED] - *armature_set_xscales*, *armature_set_yscales*, *armature_set_alphas*. These became more apparently necessary to me once I tried creating different kinds of animations

Future optimization ideas
- No longer needing objects for bones, instead, it will read sequence struct data and have armatures draw everything based on data. This would increase the performance of the system by quite a bit. As it stands right now, Each bone and armature are separate objects. So one humanoid model can consist of 7 - 20 separate objects.
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