3D 3D z axis.


I just wanted to post a question on here on a little thing I wanted to try out.
I decided to play around with the 3D matrices for 3D, Because I wanted to make a shooting space game (Mode7 ish). So I wanted to know how do you manipulate a objects Z axis? I understand there isnt one and Ill have to make one. but I was wondering if its using the Matrix Build function, and if so, HOW does it get used in the context of making my object visually move up and down?

Old functions used to be the draw event. And I have a functioning Z axis programmed in for the camera which also uses its own functions for that method (The whole lookat schtick.)

So was just curious as I am not really understanding much of it. There is also matrix vector transform, Could that be it? Any help would be lovely!

I also wanted to say too I am using GMS2.
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So what I gotta do is make the depth the Z then? I did sorta figure out a little bit using matrix_build and using the zscale to manipulate it how I want it too. But it goes very fast up and down while everything else going at that same speed is slower.
Why is that? and is there any real way of slowing it down?

For example, I have the camera following at the same speed along the Z as the player object, same speeds but for some reason the player zips by REALLY REALLY fast.