Android / Amazon Fire 3d VR?


A While back I was experimenting with some rudimentary 3d design, where I did somewhat successfully design a 3d area to walk around in, look at a orb that resembled a star, and import some models from a program that I just now realized I deleted from my computer >< .. ugh.. anyway..

now all of a sudden VR headsets are becoming a booming thing as well as 3d environments.. which is what I was working on when I stopped.

Was curious if anyone else had done any VR scenes or if anyone has an UPDATED tutorial as many of the old commands DO NOT WORK for Android? I would love to continue making more scenes / levels but I remember mine were a right pain in the arse. And I don't particularly want to learn Unity.

Snail Man

I've not actually done this, but it seems that doing VR wouldn't actually be much more difficult than just making a 3D game. It would just mean adding in accelerometer controls to look around. For the genuinely 3D view, all you'd need to do is have 2 camera objects next to each other such that each one has a slightly different view, then project those two views side-by-side on the screen so that if you looked at one with each eye, such as with an android VR headset, your brain constructs a 3D image. It honestly seems like the actual game would be the hard part, and adapting it for VR could be accomplished later if you programmed it right


I think there is a lot that goes into making a good VR experience, that won't make users sick - standard movement controls for example are gut wrenching. It requires re-thinking many aspects of the games basic design in general.

This is a great topic, and one I imagine we will began to see more and more of down the road. It would be great to see some form of VR support from GM Studio in the future, or perhaps built into GMS 2.0


From the world building perspective, I *USED* to do a lot of it a long long time ago for the Quake 3 engine, so I'm familiar with the GTK engine (I had said this way back on the old forum lol) .. however translating those tools to android has been less than promising.. until recently. I'm hoping an easier way to build these 3d areas comes along soon. And I look forward to seeing what others can bring to the GMS Android 3d/VR arena!!