3d Third Person perspective camera and object rotation help



Hello! I am having some trouble working with a 3rd person perspective camera in GMS's 3d mode. I also can't seem to make 3d objects move or rotate. I can't seem to find anything on 3rd person cameras that is up to date for GMS. I am used to older 7/8 so..Confusing lol. I am thinking of using it to make a fixed camera perspective sorta like Resident Evil or Parts of Silent Hill.
Any help is appreciated and have a wonderful day :).
(Just a quick and dirty throw together.)



Guess what, the same theory behind what you saw from GM7 and GM8 also applies to GMS. Draw a diagram, figure out where the camera should be and face in terms of the player's properties (e.g. position, facing, size, etc.), then fill in the blanks for d3d_set_projection_ext().