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3D 3D objects created after game start is not shown correctly


Rasmus Ramgaard


I have tried to play a little with the in build 3D functionality in Game Maker. But I got problem with objects added after game is started.

After I have created a room and added objects into it, and then play the game the 3D is shown correct.
But if I add objects after game has started by and event or action they are not shown correctly in 3D. (More like 2D top-down). It's the same object I add with the event.

Do i have to reinitialize the 3D world somehow after an object is added?

The objects in the green circles are added before game start, the red ones are added after an event in after game start.

Thanks in advance.
It's just a depth issue. Make sure the camera is the very first thing that draws each frame; the cubes encased in the red circles have no projection to be drawn from.