3D 3D Models & Sprites


For GM Studio 1.2 ( i know its old)

Hi :)
I have a question, that pertains to 3D models, and lining up with a sprites. One of the main reasons I occasionally take breaks from programing, is the long hours spent on foolish reasons. One of them, and biggest, is just that. Spending too much time, making sure the sprite lines up with the model.

For this example, lets say the player enters a room, and this huge concrete object is shaped in the "Star of David". The player has to look for something (get creative LOL) on this concrete object. You want to be able to get close, but not go inside the object. So the sprite has to line up 100% correctly. This can become time consuming. What process do you guys use, to take less time finding out the size of your spite vs the size of model?