Asset - Project 3D Map Tool for GMS2


You probably noticed 3D functions in Game Maker Studio 2 work quite differently compared to the older versions of Game Maker, for better or worse. All the d3d functions including those for basic primitives like cubes and cylinders have been completely removed in favor of using vertex buffers to build things point by point, and while vertex buffers are a lot faster to process than the old method, it's a ton of pain to set up and use them correctly. Plus Game Maker's room editor has never been designed for working in 3D to begin with so making 3D games using GMS2 is not easy to say the least.

So I built this program to basically be an extended room editor for 3D so you don't have to deal with the normal room editor too much. You can right click the slots on the side of the screen to load any object in your IDE and in addition you can easily create basic shapes like cubes, quads, cylinders, spheres and change the size, scale, rotation and textures of each one. There's also a vertex tool that lets you create polygons of any size or shape.

I made this editor mostly in GMS2 except for the save functions so pretty much everything in it is modifiable. You can download it on the marketplace here:
or download the demo version which has all of the scripts but no saving:

Some screens of the demo areas:

Any questions feel free to ask.