GMS 2.3+ 3D Effect for RPG Battles


I'm wanting to create something similar to the effects found in Small Saga, where the backgrounds seem to be dynamically drawing to a horizon line or something. You can see the effects in their trailer below. I'm especially curious how to achieve the look of their battle system. Any tutorials/help would be greatly appreciated!

You're talking about the effect at around 0:22? It looks like the floor is actually rendered in 3D. Characters are billboarded—2D sprites always displayed directly facing the camera. If you look closely, you'll notice that the cabinets never change angle. They're also billboarded. The effect still works because where the horizon ends lines always aligns perfectly with the background sprite.

A similar effect is shown at 0:40. Floor is 3D. Characters, shelves, and background are all billboarded 2D sprites. The sides of the shelves are 3D, creating an even greater illusion of depth.