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3D Collisions

So, I am trying to make a 3D game with collisions that have you slide along the walls. For example, If a wall is to your right and you click the right key it stops. But, if the other keys are pressed, of if the view changes, i.e. the mouse moves, then the player will be able to slide against the wall. Furthermore, I can't just a basic collision system, because I'm importing objects via a blender addon by Martin Crownover here- https://martincrownover.com/blender-addon-gm3d/ . I think there is a way to do this, I just have run out of ideas.


GMS is not designed for 3D. As such, it has no built-in tools (such as collisions) for it.

You can :
  1. Use 2d physics if they are enough for your needs.
  2. Build your own systems from scratch.
  3. Check the marketplace for 3D collision extensions.
Some concepts you may find useful to research:
  • Octrees / AABB
  • SAT collisions (for precise collisions)
  • Ray Casting / intersection
  • Bounding shapes