Free 30 Second Painter - Decorating rooms with a shotgun.


Daniel Cook

Game Description:
A top down 2D game with a race against the clock element. You play as a painter who has a nasty habit of sleeping on the job. Fortunately you always wake up in the knick of time to get the job done. Armed with your own personal arsenal of painting weaponry. you've never let a client down, nor should you.

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Screen Shots:

Project Description:
This project took me 8 days to create from start to finish. My goal was 7 so I still need to work a bit faster on my next one. I'll apologise now for the music, Its my first time making music and I feel like it's probably annoying. I'll be making the art used in the project public domain shortly and will provide a link. Any feed back would be amazing, I intend to start my next week project shortly and would love to be able to take some lesson over to it.

Asset Link: - Help yourselfs :)
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blue apple

Thanks for playing. Sorry for the stress ^^
Well , the stress it brings is its strong point , it makes you focus in the game as if you were the character , it was fun to play :D
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The concept sounds interesting. Any plans on developing it further?


ah man this is cool! :D firing the shotgun and trying to cover as much as possible is fun
the text is really hard to read tho, especially when you have a checkers floor beneath, a darker box would help...
oh and it would be nice to have the guns displayed on the bottom with 1,2,3 and the one that you have selected highlighted, since you always forget which one was which when youre in such a hurry