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Name: 2D Space Alpha
Genre: Top Down Shooter
Platform: PC

Release Date: Unknown

Description: (This game is a work in progress.)
I plan on adding five different factions in the next update, It's going to take me sometime.

Game Features:

1. 8 Direction Movement with Mouse
2. Shooting
3. Navigation

Future Updates:
1. Graphic changes
2. Missions
3. AI
4. Sounds

5. Trade system
6. Shooting system
7. Different planets
8. Space monsters ?

Your feedback is highly appreciated, to improve game-play.

Updates List:

8/22/2016 - Alpha The Basics
Movement, Shooting, Navigation

8/26/2016 - Alpha Basics Improved

The look of navigation has been changed, Now space key or middle button displays navigation, Example of AI has been added ( For looks only), Sprites and color changed.

Download Single Runtime Executable:

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I realize the installer option is the default Studio export option. But it's a bad idea for works in progress. Most people don't like installers at all -- especially for games they may play once and then delete.

If you upload a zip file, or a self-extracting executable, I'll try this out and leave some feedback.


I was about to mention this :). The installer requires admin privileges on your computer, which may become an issue for some people (like me). ;)


predictably random
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OK I tried this out, since you provided a non-installer version.

It's a start -- but there's not much content yet. The star backgrounds are pretty good, but the ship sprite is pretty basic. I suppose it's a "place holder" for better graphics. The game features you have so far, appear to work. But they don't work as smoothly as they should. For example, the shots created with the SPACE bar always go the same direction. And the single shot fired with the right-mouse doesn't come from the front of the space craft.

You might consider having the space ship's orientation continuously follow the mouse, and then have the shot come out the front of the ship. That might appear more realistic. Or you could use the arrow keys to rotate the ship. Lots of games use that approach. So players will be familiar with it.

I navigated around for several minutes, but I never saw the scene in your screenshot. All I saw was one other ship that flew past. So I can't comment much on the gameplay at this point.

However, you should immediately provide a clear way for players to QUIT the game. Because there's no windows border to close. And ESC doesn't quit the game. I had to use the Task Manager to stop the game. Not good.