--------2D PLATFORMER [Working Title] Project Sayf--------


I hope you're all having a great day. I'd just like to introduce to you a little something I've been working on in GMS: 1.4 (on and off) for about 3 months. I plan for it to be like a classic Mega-Man game, with tight platforming, various weapons (that will be manifested in the cannon having different projectiles) and tough bosses. In its current stage of development, doesn't have many features other than the player, some enemies, and a shop. I plan on adding unique gimmicks and mechanics later down the line as well. There are no demos as of now, but as soon as I finish one, I'll be sure to edit this comment to include a link to the demo. I am doing everything from the coding to the art. Perhaps in the near future, I'll form a little team to increase the speed at which the game develops. For now, check out the gifs and screenshots listed below and tell and if you'd like, tell me your first impressions. Thanks for your time!

Join the discord server where I post every little change of my game. Come hang out!

The following nine posts are outdated, the less-saturated ones are the newest ones, and you can take a look at them further down.

The tiles as seen from the above gif were old place holder tiles.

These are the newer ones, with the shoulder-cannon as the main mechanic.

And a video showcasing the latest progress with placeholder sounds:

P.S. This showcase was hastily put together. I will be making this page nicer in the near future. :)
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Nice! I really like your art style and animation!

Tell us more about the story.
Does it have something to do with the "One Thousand and One Arabian Nights"? :)
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Hey everyone! I started working on my game again a week ago. It's been five months since I quit the game, but due to a recent surge of creativity and motivation, I am passionately working on my game once more. I am currently redoing all of the game's graphics to the new art style shown below:

Ps, I created a little discord server (which you can join at the top of page) where you can follow my game in more detail.


Hey everyone, I'm back. After many months, I have finally started working on my game again. Recently, I have changed all existing art and added a "shoulder cannon" as the main mechanic, replacing the sword and bow. I am proud to show you this video of my humble progress (with placeholder sound effects); please let me know what you think.

Canon looks good. Like the unique concept. Is there a story to this?

This just came to mind looking at the art,
Main character got thrown into a sinkhole as punishment for a crime he did not commit. Survives the fall and discovers a canon launcher and an stockpile of canons. He blasts his way through catacombs and caves to get back to the surface to get the justice he deserves and to stop the real criminal.

So yeah the artwork is good.