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Portfolio - Art 2D Pixel Artist - Various styles

Discussion in 'Collaboration' started by ZiggyZer0, Aug 2, 2016.

  1. ZiggyZer0

    ZiggyZer0 Guest


    I've been doing pixel art for a while and helping out people when i could, I am not currently helping with any projects so I'm looking to get into something. I do this mainly as a hobby but i get pretty serious about it, and am willing to put in the work. I am okay with doing profit share or doing payed work, if you have any request i can get to them in my free time. Just send me a pm if interested!

    Here is a few examples of my work... I will upload more if i come up with something i like or want to show off.

  2. ZiggyZer0

    ZiggyZer0 Guest

    Oh, i just remembered that i made a bunch of heads for People who participated in the 21st GMC Jam.
    I was a part of a team, i was really hoping the game would turn out better, but whatever. haha.

    Oh and here's some stuff i did for a thread in the last GMC. Bannanaking.png drunkcat.png
    and something that took me a bit more effort. haha...
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  3. SLGamesCregg

    SLGamesCregg Guest

    Hey your art looks pretty good! My team is looking for an artist for our current game, The Heartland Saga. We have a lot of the game complete so far but a lot of the art is just temporary and it's in need of being revamped. You can check out more of our game at www.searchlightgames.com or at @SLGamesStudio on twitter. Thank you!
    You can email me at theheartlandsaga@gmail.com
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