2d pixel art/isometric/alternatives?



My name is Felipe, i'm a graphic designer and learning GM. I want to make a 2d RPG/City Building game, focusing on story. My first game.

While i learn GM, i do some sketches. I'm a bit lost in which direction to go. For city building, i think isometric camera works best. But the player's character will walk through the village and the keyboard arrows' controls are not that great on isometric, right? Arrows(or WASD) on 90º but movement tilted on 45º. Is there a way to work around or better to switch to the traditonal "front top" camera of RPG games?

While pixel art seemed an obvious choice first i was thinking in vector art. I'd really like to invest time to use shades and lights, whatever the style is chosen. Want something more targeted on adults. I don't want something old school but don't want something overly complicated since i'll do it alone. Any suggestions?


With regards to your art style, I'd say go with what you are most comfortable with. Also: research what other games with a similar genre are doing so you can kind of get a feel for your market. But if you force an art style you are not used to, it might not be as strong of a result as you are hoping for.
As for your camera, I'd recommend prototyping one (with basic/placeholder art) to see how the controls feel and if it makes sense for the game experience you're trying to create. If it feels like its missing something, then try something different. Prototyping is a valuable step in the game development process. Test test test! Get others to test it, collect feedback, prototype some more, then test some more :D


Hi mizzy! I've been researching. And found out one indie game "Chrono Sword": https://twitter.com/DavidSpaceDuck?...l4DgCh2z5erGssc8_eKI9N8ibILDb5eI-SVO0i0Avec1U
The work is impressive. It's isometric and the character seems to run smoothly at the scenario. I've contacted the dev who was very kind to tell me how he did it:

You should never go with diagonal movement. In my game, you can go up down left right as you control.And plus, if you press up + right in keyboard, you would go through 26.565' in degree, not 45' so that you don't need to move like zigzag :>

Thank you for the tips, i'll keep on sketching. Game Maker is awesome to learn! :)