Android 2D Owen


Hi, I Just published my first game on google play store.

2D Owen is an arcade platformer in which you can explore 8 different worlds & experience a lot of adventures.

Game features:
- Run, jump, fly with a jetpack & hang-glider, ride a cart & do many other things
- Use umbrella to jump, fly & shoot
- Explore 120 levels in 8 different worlds
- Defeat enemies & avoid many various obstacles
- Find secrets & gain extra points

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I updated the game & fixed many bugs. You can also watch a new gameplay here:

I'm also working on bigger update which will add new interesting features & levels.


If I may add a suggestion, add a bit more animation the the MC. As he is now, he looks very stiff. Judging by the videos, the game looks pretty good. Adding more animation to the main character will make it that much better. For example, when he goes up and down the ladder, it seems there is no animation there whatsoever, it looks very stiff like that, and also when he is jumping.