Portfolio - Art 2D Indie Game Art & Animation (pixel, vector, painted)



Indie game art services. Affordable, professional.

Providing professional game artwork and animation for indie prices.

I work closely with you to ensure we land a result you want. First time right is great, but want something slightly different instead? No problem.

As a game developer myself, I have experience with the specific requirements and details of a 2D game. So I know how artwork should be built with care to benefit from and take advantage of certain techniques, and also limitations, of game design.

I have countless hours experience with every 2D art style, from pixel art, vector art all the way to digitally painted work. With hundreds of happy clients, multiple ongoing long & short-term projects, and an ever growing portfolio of experience, I have your back.

Working for individuals and companies, small and large tasks is no issue.
I'll maintain constant contact with you until you are 100% satisfied.

Email - desixstudios@outlook.com
Full portfolio - http://desixstudios.com

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Very high quality stuff. I'm very interested. Sent you an email at the address provided.


That cat sprite, it's literally identical to a hi-res version of what I've been trying to make.


Lewix, how did you get into pixel art? I really wanna get better at that. :D

bitny ross

you have a lot of skills ... for games you should make an own site and promote it ;) this is just idea


I have worked with this Artist on a project I am currently working on with my team. He has great skills and would be valuable to have on your team. We had to recently go with a different artist due to communication limitations that we had on our end. For my team it is easier to meet up and work on the project and so we found an artist that was local that can come to our team meetings to work on the Project as a whole.

I strongly advice anyone that is looking for Art help with there game to try out Desixstudios. Very talented and trust worthy.


LOL - That would be true, if that were true. ;)

Everyone's a CEO these days. Just gotta look at Twitter.

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Nice work! I dug the enemies from beam down drone.
But Hey! What project are those HD Sonic baddies from???