Team Request 2D Golf Game, Programmer and Artist


Anthony Tenerelli

Hello everyone this is Anthony from Atwo Studios, as small indie company we have published 2 indie games using Game maker, one being ROY - Color Matching and the other being Solar Switch. Both can be found on iOS and the Google play store.

For our third inide game we are wanting to make a golf physics based game, this would be on mobile too.

I currently hold the designer position for our team and my partner takes on the the responsibility of programming. I would like for us to have another programmer and definitely an artist as we are not artists.

If you are interested in creating a game for portfolio work or just as a hobby,
please send me an email at :

PLEASE do attach any work related to programming in Game maker or any 2D artwork so that my partner and I can review it and determine if you are qualified for the position.

Please check out our website for more information about us and the types of games we have made so far.

p.s. I am not a website designer