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  1. Turkish Coffee

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    Nov 25, 2016

    I've been trying to draw some backgrounds for my game called Old Lands of Winrinthia and as a programmer -more than an artist- I'm having difficulties creating my visuals.

    The thing is, I'm so bad at drawing nature stuff such as trees, hills, stones etc. But If even I draw placeholders for those, I still need to learn how should I create biomes.

    Heres how I create them right now: //Don't mind the sun
    The little hills you see above are the foreground sprites which are the same size -256px width- as those biomes which are the rectangles drawn with black, and behind these is the background sprites which are the same size so they don't overlap with other biomes' sprites.

    Heres the actual gameplay camera's view (480x270)

    Meaning that I currently have 256px width biomes with 2 sprites creating them. Those bushes and trees are created in forest biomes if you wonder.

    Also I can change biome widths and even create 1 biome thats created with 3 biomes and have 3 backgrounds connect eachother with code.

    What am I asking is ideas on those biomes. Such as biome types, background contents, coloring stuff from those who are familiar with these things.

    Thanks for reading.

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  2. Crepe

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    Mar 23, 2019
    Biome types? Grasslands, tundras, swamps, deserts, and tropical islands would be neat to see. You can add bridges/gaps/fog for biome transitions.
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  3. Turkish Coffee

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    Nov 25, 2016
    @Crepe thanks for the answer, I'll try to come up with some sketches
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