Portfolio - Art 2D Concept, Illustration, and Pixel Artist for Hire


I'm a character-centric artist based in Southern California. I'm currently available for fulltime freelance work. I can do concept art, as I specialize in character, creature, and prop art, though I can also provide environment and vehicle concepts if needed. I can also provide sprites, such as those typically found in visual novels, and pixel art with simple animations.

Here's a link to my art portfolio with a few additional examples below: Portfolio

  • Contact me through a private message, email (haleyrchandler@gmail.com), or discord (leg#7366)
  • I'm willing to negotiate payment, but I do not work for exposure and expect partial payment upfront before providing any completed works.
  • Provide a simple pitch for the game and what kind of work I'd be expected to provide, preferably with a timeline and expected deadlines.