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Hey! I'm currently a student looking to make use of my art skills. I specialize in 2D Portraits from the chest up

What I can do:
- Westernized/ Realistic-esc portraits from chest up.
- Makeup, tattoos, piercings
- R18+
- Gore + Violence
- Simple Armor
- Simple Backgrounds
- Just ask me, I might be able to.

Outline (No Color)
- $5 USD
No Details (Base Color + Simple Cel Shading) - $10 USD
Detailed (Gradient Shading + Highlights) - $20 USD + $15 for each additional character
Any extra details such as tattoos and makeup may increase price, depending on complexity. This will be discussed through email.

Order + Payment Instructions:

- Contact me at hendeer97@gmail.com
- Tell me what type of drawing you are looking for, and how many you want done.
- Give me the name of your character and a brief description of them.
- Tell me what you want them to look like (Image references highly highly preferred)
- I will tell you how long it will take for me to finish, and we can discuss payment (Paypal only)
- Half of the payment upfront after viewing my initial sketch and you are comfortable with the direction of the piece, and the rest of payment will be given upon completion.


- Make sure to tell me if you have a deadline, I will try my best to meet it
- Once you pay me in full you can do whatever you want with the image, I just ask that you please give me credit


More examples on my deviant art http://duckcluck123.deviantart.com/gallery/