2D Art on HumbleBundle


I think this is one of my callings in life... to communicate when game art is available on Humble Bundle. :)

Here is the link. To get all of it is $25 donation. It is DRM free, but this isn't the same as "use however you want", so I have a note into Humble Bundle to clarify usage of the assets.

Edit: The HB team very quickly replied with this link regarding the usage license.

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Thanks...Just picked it up. Here is sample of one of the Sprite sheets...

Right now I'm waiting for a good GMS 2 Windows UWP deal. Right now it's $199..which seems a lot cheaper than the original asking price.
I think the original price was $250-$299.

I'm also looking for forwards facing (animated) creature sprites...I haven't gone through the entire bundle...but a lot seem like sideways facing sprites.
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