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This is a full game engine. With just 3 lines of code you can be running the entire 2048 game.
Support for custom images and styles.

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New update (22-Mar-2019). In this updated I completely re-coded the game engine. Taking advantage of ds_maps for data storage. Shouldn’t be too hard to update if you are using the old version.

  • Unlimited grid size
  • Any number of games can run at the same time
  • In built swipe controls, so you can use the mouse or touch screen!
  • Works on ALL platforms (Windows, Android, HTML5, ect..)
  • Fully animated
  • Well commented code, so you can learn and change it to suit your game
  • Can draw upside down and scale to any size on the fly.
  • You can use whatever images you want as the background and the tiles
  • Animations are only visual, the underlining math is instant, so you can input controls into the game at any speed and it will keep up, it just skips the animation.
  • Portable, plug this engine into any game you like and use it as a mini game
  • Save and load the game to a json file
  • Undo moves as many times as you like
  • Each game data is stored in a single ds_map for easy modular control

A Demo object is provided, just put it in a room and press play.

Its $10 on the marketplace. I know that's a lot of money, but its basically an entire game.

Example Code:
Create Event:
player1_map = setup_2048(4,4,true,grid_background_2048_sprite,grid_tile_2048_sprite,115,0,1,10);
Step Event:
Draw Event: